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Audax - Auris - BG Corp. - DEQX

Proraum Vertriebs GmbH was founded in October 1980. In the year 1981 Rainer Krönke was hired as a shareholder and development-engineer. The love of electro acoustic transducers appeared early in Rainer Krönke's youth, and was therefore the basis for what turned out to be an area of superior expertise. Training as a sound engineer and working at the prestigious Hansa (by the wall) Recording Studios in Berlin, as well as years of experience in the Hi-Fi scene and speaker development, resulted in an extraordinary know-how and professionalism. The quest for absolute perfection and high quality requirements turned out to the guidelines to his success.

Therefore, Professional speaker development since that time became the heart of the business of Proraum GmbH and is now based in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Here you will find highly regarded brands like Audax - Auris - BG Corp. and DEQX.


Our products

AUDAX Distributor Germany since 1981
AURIS High-End speakers developed by Rainer Krönke
BG Corp. OEM-Distributor Germany since 2002
DEQX Distributor Germany since 2008

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Anechoic Chamber

A special highlight in the speaker scene is Proraum’s large "Anechoic Chamber" - a cube of 7.3 m with 70 Hz cut-off, which has been available since 1990 in the newly-built company facilities. The instrumentation of the laboratory is complete with the outstanding measurement devices from Bruel & Kjaer, MLSSA Analyzer and the excellent listening studio after German IRT (Broadcast technology) guidelines. These optimal development conditions guarantee to provide our customers a first-class environment for very high-quality testing, supporting measurement materials and unsurpassed final production guidelines.



Internationally the proraum-chamber is one of the largest test venue in today’s speaker industry. Developments for SONY-Germany and Japan, leading to several highlight reviews, have been done successfully in this facility.