PRO 21 MONITOR Finished Speaker!

PRO 21 MONITOR Finished Speaker!

PRO 21 Monitor - Kit with selected woofers and tweeters!

Product Information

Kit PRO 21 MONITOR was developed by Proraum GmbH in Bad Oeynhausen.
The sound quality is excellent and due to our DIRECT SALES the price-performance ratio is simply outstanding.
This compact 35 liter monitor can be seen as a modern replica of the classic BBC studio monitors.
Thus, it is an AUDAX 21 cm woofer and a 34 mm Audax dome used. The tonal quality is as typical for us, neutral, balanced - thanks to our big anechoic chamber.

Characteristics PRO 21 MONITOR:

2-way Bass Reflex Design 35 l
Linear Response
Specially selected drivers!
Very high quality drivers and excellent Crossover components


The Audax woofer AM 210 G0 is a classic 21 cm driver with diecast chassis, Coated Paper Cone and a fiberglass-reinforced KAPTON voice coil former. Furthermore high quality rubber-surround, 40 mm flat wire voice coil and a ventilated spider are used.


what else as a classic? The world-famous 34mm Audax dome of course. This unique design is used by the english BBC since many years and there it performs reliable in more than 2,000 studio monitors!
We put the latest version of this classic in the kit - TW 034 XP. The old 13 kHz peak was corrected by a new woven fabric with improved coating and the response is now extended well beyond 20 kHz.

Filter Technology

Basically we are trying to make filters as simple as possible, but also as effective and extensive as necessary! Pure 6 dB filters (acoustical) do not work, as is well known meanwhile. Moreover, there is still great ignorance about effective filter slopes. What counts in practice is solely the combined acoustical slope of natural driver roll-off plus electrical filter-slope.
It does not matter, whether I realize an ACOUSTICAL 24 dB Linkwitz-Filter with electrical 6 dB or 18 dB topology.
The resulting phase or group-delay is just caused by the total acoustic slope.
Finally - crucial is, what acoustic slope comes out in total along with the acoustic rolloff of the chassis!

The crossovers include components as following:

Mundorf Air-Coil, e.g. with baked wire.
MKP Polypropylene Capacitors
Metaloxyde Resistors
Tolerance of the components typically ± 2%

The complete kit includes as following:

woofer, tweeter, components for crossover, BR-Tube, black chassis screws, a special 800 g / m² damping fleece, gold plated terminal and enclosure drawing.


2-way system
35 liters Enclosure - Bass Reflex
Audax 21 cm Woofer Coated Paper
34 mm Audax Textile Dome
"Acoustic" 24 dB Linkwitz Filter
Very high quality components
Input impedance linearization

Dimensions HxWxD see drawing
Impedance 6 ohms constant
SPL 2.8V @ 1m - 86 dB free field
Crossover 2,000 Hz
Frequency range 45-20.000 Hz ± 3 dB
Rec. Amp Power >50 W

Technical Development: Rainer Kroenke / proraum Vertriebs GmbH

SUPERB Review in HOBBY-HiFi 1-2009 - GERMAN ORIGINAL see DOWNLOADS - Tests-Reviews!


Info : Kompakt-Monitor 35 Liter
Enclosure Type : BR
Woofer : Audax AM210G0
Tweeter : Audax TW034XP
Filter Acoustic Slope : Linkwitz 24 dB
Crossover : 2.000 Hz
SPL 2,83 V/1m : 86 dB
Recommended Amp Power : >50 W
Impedance : 8 Ohm
Frequency Response : 45-20.000 +-3 dB Hz
Dimensions HxWxD : 52x25x38 cm

Price: 550,00 EUR

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