PRO 17.07 Demo pair finished

PRO 17.07 Demo pair finished

Finished DEMO-speakers!

HIGH-END Floor-Speaker with 17cm/6,5" AUDAX HDA-Aerogel-Woofer (Mission Cracked Glass) and selected BG Magnetostatic Tweeter.

Filter-Update version 17.07 - this only concerns a mod for the latest BG tweeter version NEO 3 PDR-W-i, which was released short after review of PRO 17.05. Response etc. is the same as in review!

The complete kit

includes Woofer, Tweeter, Crossover parts, BR Port-tube, Special 800g Damping Fleece, Mundorf Terminal with gold-plated connectors, Cabinet drawing, screws and construction guidance.

Technical development: Rainer Krönke - Proraum Vertriebs GmbH

SUPERB Review in HOBBY-HIFi 1-2007 - see DOWNLOADS!

More details see PDF-Info!


Info : 30 Liter Standbox - BG-Magnetostat
Enclosure Type : BR
Woofer : AUDAX-Mission HM170MN0
Midrange : -
Tweeter : BG Neo3PDR-W-i/FP - SELECTED!!
Filter Acoustic Slope : Linkwitz 24 dB
Crossover : 2.700 Hz
SPL 2,83 V/1m : 87 dB
Recommended Amp Power : > 50 W
Impedance : 8 Ohm
Frequency Response : 40-20.000 +- 3dB Hz
Dimensions HxWxD : 100x23x28 cm

Price: 599,00 EUR

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