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DEQX PreMate

DEQX PreMate

The DEQX PreMate is an analog-in and out, two-channel processor sitting between your stereo preamp, or home theater processor/receiver (front left/right speakers), and power amplifier. It incorporates many features from our flagship HDP-4 Preamp Processor, the same audiophile-grade parts and new technology but in a set-and-forget package.

It also features a selection of Balanced (XLR) and Single ended (RCA) analog inputs and outputs and a new Zero Earth Leak High Isolation power supply.

The DEQX Mate is your friend; after correcting any existing speakers and room, it does the impossible by seamlessly integrating one or a pair of subwoofers into your system. So, after the initial setup, you won't have to engage with anything except the music. And you can change the profile and bypass the correction filters from the front panel or remote control to hear the striking difference. 

Correct your speakers first, then the room
In correcting the speakers-before the room-our comprehensive DEQX-CalTM software generates correction filters for phase, timing coherence and frequency-response. Only then does DEQX-Cal measure from the listening area for room correction.

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